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18 November 2014

See the change from then until now.

If you put your mouse over the image you will see the change to the rudder from when the Lady Denman was launched at Huskisson on the 5th December 1911 by Lady Gertrude Denman, wife of the Governor General, Lord Denman and daughter of Industrialist, Weetman Pearson.

67 years of service on Sydney Harbour and an adventurous trip back to her birth place Huskisson, has taken it’s toll on the Lady, but she now rests in peace and is enjoyed by thousands of visitors every year.

I'm sure many of you have ridden on the Denman when you were children, “I did”……well come along to the museum and take a trip back down memory lane and relive that fantastic experience, stand at the wheel and play captain, ring the ships bell, stroll the curved decks and watch the video presentation about this beautiful and historic boats history.

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