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21 November 2014

Mokau. Links and Relations.

[header%255B4%255D.png]I had a interesting meeting with Sue Rogers recently at the museum. Sue is a descendant of Batholomew Corrigan owner of the Mokau that was wrecked at the mouth of Sussex Inlet in 1922 and reappeared above the sand earlier this year, allowing me to do a couple of dives on the wreck and shoot some video before disappearing again.

Sue had found the post that Id done on the wreck of the Mokau and was excited to finally get a chance to come along to the museum, meet up and to see the other artifacts the museum has relating to the Mokau.

Since then another descendant, Patricia from Ireland, has been in contact excited with discovering the information on the Corrigan’s on the blog. We have put Sue and Patricia in contact with each other, Sue has a book written by her grandfather about the Mokau, which someday Sue has promised to bring along to the museum for me to read.

So the story continues. It's been the highlight of doing the blog for me so far.

Link to the story of the Mokau that started this journey.

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