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10 July 2014

What we do for fun


New exhibition opens
 Sunday the 13th July
A very interesting exhibition with some amazing pieces of artwork by local crafts people.
The exhibitions focus is on interpreting well known works of art of Samuel Elyard and Lloyd Rees
by using recycled products.
This exhibition involves Sculpture, Art installations, Embroidery, Quilting ,Tapestry.
Come along and see original artworks painted by Samuel Elyard featuring the south coast, and see the modern craftsperson's interpretation using recycled material.

A few examples from the exhibition.

wall-hangings landscape chair
sculpture' painting

craft exhibition theme panel


  1. Cool! I liked the landscapes. I would have enjoyed this exhibit!

  2. I was thinking of you when the exhibition was being set up. A couple of the works reminded me of your own work. I new you would enjoy the images...I will post a few more soon.