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3 July 2014

Schooner Susan wrecked.

schoonerWrecked and torn to pieces in 10 minutes after striking a reef near Ulladulla harbour, 3rd July 1849

Example of a two masted schooner

Even though Ulladulla has one of the safest harbours on the south coast, it has still played havoc for ships sailing near the coastline.
The North and South reefs (bomborras) and Wardens Head (South headland) were the location of ship wrecks in the 19th century.
In a heavy swell
The 13 ton schooner Susan was carrying tallows and hides, travelling from Bermagui to Sydney. She struck the Ulladulla Reef (South Bomboora) on 3 July 1849, there were seven passengers on board with no lives lost from this accident.

Susan. Two-masted wooden schooner, 23/13 tons. Built Hawkeesbury River, NSW, 1840; reg. Sydney, 29/1847. Lbd 35.8 x 13 x 5 ft. Master-owner William Pulman.
Went to pieces in ten minutes. No lives lost.

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