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22 July 2014

One venturous voyage more.

 header Researching the history of seafaring around the Shoalhaven region and the vessels built at Huskisson in the 18th and early 19th century your left with a feeling of amazement at the courage of the sailors and crews from that era.
Many of the vessels met disaster, crews and passengers were lost, dramatic rescues and self sacrifice, the loss of any vessel was a blow to the fragile economies and families of many coastal ports and towns.
But the ones that stir the emotions the most are the ships, small and large that leave port and are never heard of again, to vanish into the briny sea, the families waiting and hoping and forever wondering, history lost and stories untold.

Capture Margaret and Jane topmast schooner - 1876
One such vessel built at Huskisson by William Wood was the Margaret and Jane Topmast Schooner, 51 tons, built 1868, She left the Daintree River, Queensland mid June 1876 and was not seen again.
What is her story?

The picture is the Topmast Schooner the Dairymaid, built by William Wood at Huskisson in 1867.

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