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14 July 2014

Super Moon

green-island Saturday night the moon seemed exceptionally bright over the bay.
Early around 8pm there was a light wispy cloud, backed by light westerly winds slowly drifting out to sea, by 9pm the cloud had cleared and the moon bought the landscape to life. You could clearly see right across the bay clearer than usual.

Green Island at Bendalong.

I took a couple of photos of the bay and also went down to Bendalong to shoot a some scenes there.
here are a couple of shots from that little adventure.

Why was it called a Super Moon?. Technically known as a perigee moon, the marvel occurs when a full moon or new moon coincides with the closest approach the moon makes to the Earth on its elliptical orbit.

The result is that the world’s closet neighbour appears larger and brighter than usual – with breath-taking results.
bay-monlight-july-04 sharknet-full-moon


If you missed it don’t despair two other supermoons will appear later this summer on the 10 August and 9 September.
The August date is the most exciting for astronomical buffs, as the moon will be 863 miles closer than it was over the weekend, appearing at its brightest for 2014.


  1. We enjoyed the same moon over here in california for a few evenings! Didnt know about the reasons for the occurence thanks for the information. Great photos!

  2. Thanks Tom, it was an exceptionally clear night and had a great time wandering around the beach shooting pictures.