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9 June 2014

The Schooner “Gleaner” wrecked June 8th 1901

IMAGE OF SCHOONER If you have been following this blog, it can be seen by the number of wrecks along the south coast that the south coast can be a considerably dangerous place for shipping.
Frequent large storms and strong coastal currents caused many ships to be lost, many simply left port and the ship and crew were never heard of again.

Example of a Two masted schooner from the time.

Many of the coastal ports were exposed and lacked protection.
In the 1800/1900’s Bawley Point had a thriving industry, ship building and the shipping trade were vital to the local economy.

Driven ashore.
On June the 8th 1901 the small 115 ton, two masted coastal schooner “The Gleaner” was loading timber at Bawley Point during a storm.
The ship was driven onshore when the hawser from the permanent mooring parted and the consequent parting of the two lines to the shore and the dragging of the anchor which allowed the vessel to go on shore and be wrecked.

The loss and replacement of any vessel would have been a major economic burden to the company involved, especially during the 1890’s depression.

1901 - The Marine Court Inquiry found that no blame is imputable to the master or any one else.

Hawser-laid_rope_(Seaman's_Pocket-Book,_1943)hawser (ˈhoːzə) noun - a thick rope or a steel cable for towing ships or tying them to a dock



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