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14 June 2014

Lady Denman – The end of an era

21-Lady-Denman On this day 14th June 1979 at 7.30pm the Lady Denman commenced her last run as a Sydney Ferry from Circular Quay to Victoria Street, Hunters Hill.

Built at Huskisson by Joseph Dent and launched in 1911.
The ferry had served the people of Sydney for nearly 68 years, not bad for a vessel only designed for a working life of 15 years.
The Lady had a few adventures in her life, as you would expect for a vessel plying the busy waterways of Sydney Harbour, previous posts have highlighted some of those.
Her outlook was bleak, like so many other ferries she looked destined to be scrapped, but through a bit of good luck and the determination of a few good people she was returned home in 1981 and can be seen as the centre piece of the Museum.
21-Lady-Denman2 Bring your friends and family, take a walk on the old boards of the ferry, revisit a time long past and I'm sure for many of you, relive a time when you once enjoyed a ride across Sydney Harbour on the Lady Denman.

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