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24 June 2014

On going management

The museum houses a unique collection of objects, and
non more so than the Halloran Collection.

cleaning-photographing-collection-2-2014The staff from the Collection Management Team headed by Curator Graham Hinton have the task of monitoring and safeguarding the collection.
At the moment the Halloran Collection is being systematically photographed and cleaned, a large and challenging task.
This process is ongoing and throws up all sorts of challenges, the management and monitoring of the humidity is one of the most important issues facing any museums collection, light is another, odors from paint can cause problems all have to be managed carefully, Graham attends many conferences where issues such as these are discussed and solutions gathered and shared.
detail detail-2
The team use magnifying classes to examine and clean the collection, in the process the fine detail can be seen and the magic of these amazing objects is revealed.
IMG_1669 IMG_1678
This first photograph illustrates the problem, mould can be clearly seen on the bottom plate of this surveyors instrument, the ladies during the cleaning process and above the object after cleaning.

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