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5 June 2014

“A great adventure, most clandestine”

Second attempt to leave Sydney Harbour under the cover of darkness.
I doubt there is another Maritime Museum in the world that started out with such drama and intrigue. Drama that inspired a local community and strong willed people to keep going despite the odds being against them and help preserve the Shoalhaven’s rich maritime history.


June 1st  - 1981
2.00am and the Lady Denman starts her second attempt to leave Sydney Harbour under tow from the M.V. Hollandia. The departure was “most clandestine” in nature as no official approval had been given for the Lady Denman to leave. All went well at first but then the weather turned nasty. The wind rose to 25 knots and the swell to 3 metres. There were times when “the Lady” and her tow were in two different troughs and out of sight of each other. By 9.00pm the Navy was asked to help. HMAS Tobruk took up station to windward to give protection from the wind and a helicopter hovered overhead. They finally made it to the naval dock at HMAS Creswell.


“One of the dramatic images from what became a great adventure, “to bring home the Lady”


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