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25 March 2014

Mystery objects.

mysteryobgect1 mysteryobject2 Can you identify these objects.
Seen here are a couple of close up photographs relating to one of the displays in the museum.
Do you know what display and object they belong to ?

Feel free to leave a comment below.

The mystery has been solved, and in quick time, I will have to make the next one harder.

  • Greg Rickard I'm sure there's a trick to this but I'll have a go; the left one is a boot and the right, a porthole?

  • Admin: yes! the first one is a boot, and yes, the second is a port hole of sorts?....but what are they used for???

  • Carol Sheen: diving?

  • Greg Rickard I think Carol Sheen is correct. I'm saying porthole and an old style brass diving helmet and the boots are also used for diving and contain lead weights on the bottom? My great grandfather was a pearl diver and wore this type of gear.

  • Admin: You are both right.
    Visit the museum to see this amazing piece of equipment, and a here is a remarkable photograph showing how it was used.

    diving-suit diving-suit---Tim-Wray


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