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10 March 2014

Lady Denman in dock

on-slipAnother amazing image comes to life.
It’s one of many in the Museum’s collection that needs there story to be recorded.
Continued research is being carried out on the museum’s slide and photographic collection.
If you have any information about this photograph, or what’s in this photograph, please contact us here.
No matter how small of insignificant you think it may be, it may just be the information we need to complete the story. yourcontributions@gmail.com

1. We have had a little piece of information given to us by an anonymous contributor who seems to think the floating dock the Denman sits in, is the Admiralty dock AFD17, if so this dock has it's own epic story, can anyone confirm this information please.

2. More information has come to light and is being researched by the Museum's Curator Graham Hinton.

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