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20 March 2014

Floating Dock A.F.D.17

on-slipLongest ocean tow in history.
Our research so far has gone a long way in confirming the anonymous information sent to us describing the floating dock you see in the picture supporting the Ferry?
as the Admiralty Dock A.F.D.17.
The dock was involved in the longest tow in maritime history, starting from Reykjavik Fiord, Iceland to Sydney in 1945.
Enduring Atlantic gales, German Submarines and long hard hours of difficult sea conditions for the crew.

A.F.D 17 was based at Cockatoo Island until 1964 when it was scrapped.
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Used around the world, these types of floating docks were a vital part of the war effort during WW2
They were responsible for performing major repairs and keeping many allied war ships sea worthy.

Enlarge the images to read an account of this amazing sea journey.


Enlarge to follow the epic journey.world-map-with-map-of-AFD17

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       Royal Navy Research Archive

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