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3 March 2014

Below the decks of the Lady Denman

inside-the-ferry-2014 inside-the-ferry--2-2014 The romance didn’t match the reality.
Walking the decks of the Lady Denman Ferry, housed safely within the walls of the museum it’s easy to romanticise  about  crisscrossing Sydney Harbour on this grand old lady. She and many other ferries carried passengers to all corners of Sydney.

I doubt if much attention was paid to the hard working crews on these old timber ferries.Above are a couple of pictures from below the decks of the Lady Denman as she stands today within this fantastic museum.
One can imaging the heat and noise churning out of the engine during operations back and forth across the harbour, straining against current and swells.
The engineers and fitters worked in cramped conditions, in these shots you can see the cradle the engine was originally mounted into, without the engine you get a false sense of space which in reality isn’t usually there. The creeking and groaning of the timbers as they moved with the motion of the Ferry, combined with the smells of diesel and oil must have been hard to bear for those below here decks.

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