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27 February 2018

Ships in Jervis bay.

27 February 2018.

Today all but a few of the ships have left the bay to continue with their exercises.  The New Zealand Anzac class frigate HMNZS Te Mana (F111), The name Te Mana is Māori, approximately translating as 'status' or 'authority', could be seen between the heads of the bay.

The very large HMAS Success (OR 304) a Durance-class multi-product replenishment oiler serving in the Royal Australian Navy was sailing near Honeymoon bay.


The much smaller coastal minesweeper HMAS Huon (11) was sailing near HMAS Creswell.


MV Sycamore was sailing back and fourth across the bay at the same time. They made for interesting viewing in the late afternoon sun.




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