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19 February 2018

Sea Horse Horizon - end of an era.

sea horse horizon - paul newman feb 2018

A piece of Jervis Bays maritime history slipped by relatively un-noticed recently when the Sea Horse Horizon untied from her moorings at HMAS Creswell and slowly and quietly left the bay for the last time.

Words by Paul Newman who worked on the vessel over many years.

"We threw the ropes off the old girl for the last time this morning, after 20 yrs in our contract it’s time for retirement.  Previously named Blue Nabilla, built in 1984 in WA for the defunct safety council of Victoria.  She came to Platypus in 1987, then commissioned as HMAS Protector, then handed over to DMS in 1998 and renamed MV Seahorse Horizon for use and abuse, a great work boat very capable, some good and bad memories."

Operated by Defence Marine Services (DMS) located at HMAS Creswell the Sea Horse Horizon has supported the RAN over the last 20 years with mine warfare, torpedo recovery, boarding team practice, navy exercises, mooring work, diving operations. NEOC sea familiarity training, also working with special forces aiding training, helicopter fast too training, salvage work and target towing.

During her military career as HMAS Protector she supported the trials of the Collins-class submarines, and was involved in a search for the shipwreck of the World War II cruiser HMAS Sydney.

sea horse horizon - paul newman feb 2018 orange colour scheme
Her HMAS Protractor colour scheme.

Photo's Paul Newman.


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