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16 February 2018

Ships in the bay

Feb 16 2018.
There has been quite a bit of Navy activity in the bay since the school holidays finished...
All this week MV Sycamore has been moored near Vincentia, leaving the bay this morning heading north.

HMAS Newcastle has been in the bay as well,.  She is one of four Adelaide Class Guided Missile Frigates (FFG) in service with the Royal Australian Navy.


HMAS Newscastle leaving the bay in a heavy haze being created by the a strong north-east wind late yesterday afternoon.


HMAS Huon was also moored near HMAS Creswell, she is the first of six Huon class minehunters built for the Royal Australian Navy. Other Huon class minesweepers have visited the bay in the past.

The bay was very hazy, hence the soft photographs.

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