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18 January 2018

Ships in the bay.

Pacific Tug - PT Kythira
17 Jan 2018

Another interesting vessel seeking shelter in the bay today was the Tug PT Kythira. She was towing a large barge and was moored over near the Hole in the Wall.
The Australian tug PT Kythira's was built in 2008. Gross tonnage is 192. Overall length is 26 metres. Breath 8 metres.


Capable of pulling a certified bollard pull of 25 tonnes,  with her two Yanmar engines.
She has an unlimited operational area, and is a very capable coastal and international towing vessel. This vessel high lift rudders make her extremely manoeuvrable and suitable for barge movements in port as a dredging support vessel. She has a transom cutaway stern, towing hook with 20-tonne capacity, a towing winch, capstan, stern roller, anchor handling/tugger winch and accommodation for 10 persons.


Heron Barge.
The barge she was towing belongs to Heron Constructions Co. Ltd.
It is what is called a non-propelled Split Hopper Barge. Length 62m. Breath 12m. Draft loaded 4.25m Draft lightship 1.5m.  Displacement 700 tonnes It's a new barge only recently completed.




18th Jan 2018.

The tug left the bay early this morning and continued her journey north.


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