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15 January 2018

Ships in the bay.- MSC Luisa


If you were near the shore of Jervis Bay this morning, the first thing you would see looking across the bay was a very large container ship.  She is currently sheltering in the bay after reportedly loosing some containers overboard while battling the large swell and strong winds which were hitting the south coast.
"MSC LUISA",  belongs to the Mediterranean Shipping Company. Measuring 299.99 meters, by 40 meters in breath, draft 8.2 meters, her gross tonnage is 25590, she was built in 2002 and travels at 14.7 knots.

She is quite a sight and is currently anchored near Honeymoon Bay.


The latest information.
The Marine Parks/National Parks has ordered the ship to leave the bay.  Apparently, she was moored illegally and hadn't sought permission from the relevant authorities to enter the bay.  She has now left the bay and been ordered to stay 3 kilometres off the land.
Marine Authority - The bay and coast is a sensitive marine environment and the impact from such a ship could cause irreparable damage.

More Information regarding the MSC Luisa. 
Jervis Bay is listed on AUS chart 193 as Naval Waters, they must ask permission of the RAN to anchor in JB no pilots required there are designated anchorages both in Montagu Roadstead ( over near long beach) where the white boat was anchored and Darling Road which is over near green patch, the problem with the merchant ship the other day she was in the wrong place.
Information suppied by Paul Newman.
Thanks Paul.


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