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17 January 2018

Ships in the bay

Pacific Explorer.
17 Jan 2018

This afternoon the new P&O ship Pacific Exporer entered the bay and quickly moored in the same area as the MSC container vessel did a few days earlier. (Refer to the previous blog post).

It made quite a sight as she sailed past Point Perpendicular.  Fortunately I was beside the bay at the time. The excitement being expressed by children near by as this huge white ship sailed into the bay was fantastic to see.


Capacity 1,998 guests, lower berths.  11 guests decks. Length 260m/853ft. Weight 77,441gross tonnage.

Built in Italy, in 1997, for a cost of USD 300 million. Originally known as Dawn Princess she was transferred to Australia P&O in May 2017, she was refitted and renamed the Pacific Explorer.

There was still a large swell rolling across the bay today,  so Im sure the smooth calm waters of Montague Roadstead will be a appreciated by the guests aboard this mighty ship.

Current Position.




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