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11 April 2017

On this day - April 11 1901, Shoalhaven.


1901 The Prince of Wales Hotel in Junction Street, Nowra, was a two-story building of wood,  the partitions on the upper storey being of canvas covered in paper.
The fire originated in the servant's room on the first floor,  but the cause was unknown.  The flames spread with great rapidity, and many of the inmates only escaped with their nightclothes.
Mr William Wilford, of Milton and his son,  Mr John Wilford, were sleeping in an upstairs room immediately over the room the fire broke out,  and it was believed they suffocated in the smoke and perished in the flames.  Mr Fisher a lodger jumped from the balcony to the pavement,  and broke his leg,  and another lodger had a narrow escape,  his head and face being singed as he rushed through the flames.  Mrs Robinson,  the wife of the licensee,  escaped by getting over the balcony and climbing down a post.  The building was insured for 1000 pounds,  The hotel was being rebuilt,  and another building in the course of erection was also damaged.

The Nowra fire brigade attended the fire under Captain Marriott, rendered excellent service, the water supply being all that could be desired.



The Prince of Wales was located on the corner of Junction Street and Kinghorn Street, where the clothing store Best & Less is today.
It was a landmark for 100 years and was built by Anton Wolf in 1883,  after the fire it was rebuilt with verandas and balcony.


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