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13 April 2017

Huskisson snippets 1919

As reported in the Shoalhaven News and South Coast District Advertiser.

Huskisson folk were delighted to read,  through the medium of the "Shoalhaven Telegraph," that permission has been granted for whaling at the bay.

Schnapper fishing is the order of the day. Many large catches are reported by visitors.  Several local men make big money by schnapper fishing. Many are caught weighing 14 il to 2 ib,  These fish sell at 1 shilling 3 pence per pound.


Last Sunday Mr Timbery made one haul,  and landed about 80 boxes of beautiful bream.  Fishing is good as, if not better than dairy farming.


The new launch on Dent's stocks is nearing completion,  and looks well.
She will be launched in a  month or so,  and the launching will be a gala day. The vessel is to be fitted with a very large turbine engine,  and is commonly reported to be for the whaling industry.


The new sawmill when completed will be one of the most up to date on the coast.


If the sand spit was removed and a break-wall put in to allow ocean going steamers to get to the wharf,  Jervis bay Jervis Bay would take it's place as one of the greatest commercial ports in Australia.


It is a shame and disgrace that the bay is not connected by railway.  If this were done,  the wheels of industry would soon be moving,  and a big infux of population would soon follow.


Dr, Rodway had a very nusy day on Sunday at the bay inoculating against the flu.



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