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17 April 2017

14th April 1943 - A mid air collision claims the lives of 8 young airforce pilots over Jervis Bay.


The media's cameras were following a spectacular low pass of three World War 2 Royal Australian Airforce Beauford Bombers when something goes terribly wrong.

"The two Beauforts A9-27 and A9-268, of the RAAF's 8 OTU, while performing a 'Prince of Wales' break for people of the media."  "All eight crew members were killed when both aircraft hit the water: Crew of A9-27 F/O Raymond Sydney Green (Pilot), F/O Maurice Francis Hoban, F/Sgt Eric William Sweetnam, Sgt Albert John Bailey.
Crew of A9-268 F/Lt David George Dey (Pilot), P/O Jack Norman, P/O Rex Lindsay Solomon, Sgt Hugh Sydney George Richardson."

The tragic incident was caught on film.



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