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6 October 2016

Summer Bush Fires.


You know when summer is approaching the whole atmosphere changes for anyone who lives near or surrounded by the bush.   Today the first bushfire of the season is burning in the Beacroft National Park just east of Honeymoon Bay.  It looks pretty intense and with a stiff north westerly breeze behind it appears to be moving fast…
It’s causing quite a stir for the holiday makers.

Bushfire by Night. 6th October 2016
With a freshening westerly wind the fire picked up and started to spread. I took these photos around 8pm tonight.  ther were huge rotating fire clouds being generated and towering hundreds of meters in the air. It was quite spectacular and highlights to potential dangers of a hot dry summer.
12People looking on in amazement.
10Massive rotating clouds projecting hundreds of meters into the air.
7Across Currambene Creek


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