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12 October 2016

Outside Jervis Bay.

Today I had the fortunate opportunity to be asked if Id like to shoot some pictures of the headlands and coast around Jervis Bay.
Here are just a few from today….If you get the opportunity to take one of the cruises don’t hesitate.

The wreck of the St Martin De Porres,  high and dry on the inside of Longnose Point.
Looking at Point Perpendicular from the northern approaches.
A few of the seals perched above the water on the rock ledge at Drum and Drumsticks.
One of many unique and beautiful landforms you can see outside the bay.

These are just a few of the wonderful sections of coast in and around Jervis Bay.  Some have an old story to tell of past shipwrecks and survival, others have a more current story to tell of destruction and untimate conservation.  
It’s a fascinating journey, which ever way you would like to come at it,  some of the stories have been covered in detail on this blog, as well as in displays within the wonderful Jervis Bay Maritime Museum.  All you have to do is take the time to explore.



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