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7 October 2016

Point Perpendicular Lighthouse.

The fire on Beacroft Peninsula was caused by a backburn operation that quickly went out of control yesterday and provided holiday makers and locals alike with a spectacular light show last night.  The fire at one stage was heading straight for the historic Point Perpendicular Lighthouse.   Backburning by the Bushfire Brigades created a barrier and the threat was averted.

I was up very early this morning and looked for another vantage point to shoot the fire.  To say the vision was amazing is an understatement.


Pre dawn long exposure,  The headland was shrouded in smoke which was being blown out the sea.


The sun was still just below the horizon when I shot this picture. The fire was burning right to the edge of the cliff.


Wide view showing the wide spread fire front. The light was just spectacular.   The sun was just above the horizon but subdued by the smoke. Point Perpendicular stood out as a large dark mass compared to everthing around it.  Quite amazing to see.




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