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11 January 2016

Wreck of the Coonatto.


Back in March 2014 I posted a short story about the wreck of the Coonatto,  that post came about because the Maritime Museum has on display the beautifully carved figurehead from the Coonatto.  The figurehead is part of the “Halloran Collection”.  The museum is very fortunate in being able to display and share this wonderful artefact with our visitors.
Earlier this week I was contacted by Oliver Hutchinson,  he currently runs a coastal archaeology project working to record fragile and eroding archaeological sites around the South East coast of England and they have recently completed a survey of the wreck of the Coonatto which lies on the foreshore of Birling Gap near Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Links to Citizan web site and their Flickr page.



Photographs – Citizan - http://www.citizan.org.uk/resources/key-zones/south-east/wreck-coonatto-crowlink-birling-gap/

This coming year he will be attempting to create a 3d model of the remains of the ship using photogrammetry.

Oliver Hutchinson writes.


“This coming year I will be attempting to create a 3d model of the remains of the ship using photogrammetry and it would be absolutely fantastic to be able to include some images or modelling of the figurehead of this wonderful ship to share with our volunteers and followers. I was wondering if you had a 3D record of the figurehead that the owner might be willing to share or whether any of your staff or volunteers have any experience of using photogrammetry to produce such models? If not I would be very willing to help you to undertake such a task if you are interested. I am of course more than happy to share with you the model I produce (hopefully it will work!) for you to use in your museum if you wish”.


This sounds like it could be an interesting project for us to be involved in, and might open up many more possibilities for displaying our collection in a very unique and fascinating way.

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