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14 January 2016

A fishing tale of three men in a boat from Jervis Bay 1929.

Jervis Bay Snippets - The Blue Mountain Star Saturday 26 October 1929,

Messrs, B.G. Lambert, Jim Murphy and Bernie Neenan were on a fishing trip to
Jervis Bay and Bernie tells the following Story.

Bernie makes no claims to be another George Washington, but when he tells you a story earnestly you may safely accept it.

One morning Bernie had hooked a nice red bream and was pulling him in,  when a swift swimming barracuda swallowed the bream.

Bernie went on hauling,  when suddenly from the depths a blunt, nosed monster swallowed the barracuda,  and Bernie had nothing to haul.

The shark had the bream,  the baracuda, as well as the lead and hooks.

Bernie's face was a study,  but with resignation in his voice he said;-

"What do you think of that boys? I think I'd like to have a beer."

He had it.


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