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24 August 2015

Wirreecoo Garden’s August flowers

There is always something flowering in the Wirreecoo Wildflower Garden at the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum,  at the moment the garden is looking spectacular, here are just a few of the flowers that have come out in the cold weather of August.

Hovea elliptica


Prostanthera rhombea (Mint bush)

4Scaevola aemula (Fairy Fan flower)

6 5

Philotheca myoporoides (used to be Eriostemon) Wax flower

7  Kennedia rubicunda (Dusky coral pea)


Szygium species (lilly pilly berries)


Acacia species (wattle)


Grevillea species


Scaevola aemula

A big thank you to one of our volunteers “Maureen Web” for providing the names of these flowers.
Maureen is part of a dedicated band of gardeners from the Australian Native Plant Society.
There hard work is responsible for the beautiful Wirreecco Gardens.


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