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12 August 2015

The Tomerong Poem

I found this poem in the “Shoalhaven Telegraph 1934”. -  Despite the authors obvious dissatisfaction with those making the decisions in 1934, the benefit of the author putting pen to paper is the information it contains about conditions prevailing at the time.

The Clyde Shire Council was formed in March 1906 and was the first form of local government in the area.  The shire covered a large area from Falls Creek to the Clyde River. (Excluding Ulladulla). The Council operated until 1948 before being amalgamated into the Shoalhaven Shire along with other shires and municipalities.

REF: http://home.exetel.com.au/tomerong/history2/index.htm



The town councillors of Tomerong.
They are some brainy men,
To have them in such a place as that
It is a mortal sin.
They should be in Parliament,
Where they would get good pay;
Bruce’d have some trusty men
To send to Ottoway.

You’d search the whole wide world
And you’d never meet such duds,
They’re only interested
In the cattle and the spuds.
For to hear them debatin’
It is a proper treat,
You’d think they were the only ones
To put Australia on her feet.

The road into the Basin
Is in a shocking state.
A warning to all travellers
Before it is to late:
If you get there with your car
And it truly starts to rain,
The only way you can get out
Is by an aeroplane.

The Engineer the other day
Down to the Basin went,
Got bogged up to the axels
And his mudguards badly bent.
The muddy scenes around he viewed
(Choice language sure did float about),
Then requisitioned a bullock team
To try and pull him out.

Now safe upon the Prince’s Highway,
”Oh, no,  no,  no!” said he;
” When next I to the Basin go
I’ll sail around by sea.
Geo.  Basin is a pretty place,
And a pleasant place to view,
But there’s no one interested there
But Mansfield and his crew

The Shire Clerk is not to mean,
He’s one of the De Groots,
He often gives a man a job,
And sometimes a pair of boots.
But sure,  if I only had my way,
Then sad would be their fate,
For in the best of my opinion
The lot is OUT-OF-DATE.

Noham C.M.J.M

913-St-Georges-BasinA very early photograph of St Georges Basin.

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