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11 August 2015

Tomerong memories

Albury Banner and Wodonga Express. 1929
Small articles like the one below speak to us from a different time.
A Launching Place

Dear Uncle Jeff, – There was a motor boat launched today at Huskisson.  We saw a large vessel launched there at one time.  We will soon be having our Sunday School Picnic,  and it is a day we all look forward to.  Daddy is getting a Rexonola and records,   as our other gramophone in about worn out.  Our little bantam has some dear little chickens.  Last time mummy set her on three duck eggs,  but she soon tired of the ducklings,  for they did not seem to understand her language and would run into the water when she would try and warn them off it. – Your fond niece,  “Heather Bell.”

(The ducklings”  natural love of water must have been very puzzling to the foster mother,  Eileen.)


Rexonola – was Australia’s first talking machine, – 1912 – 1930.  Below is an advertisement for the 1929 model.


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