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17 June 2015

M.V. Macleay

During out trip to the north coast we visited the South West Rocks Maritime Museum.

Just like the hard working and dedicated volunteers who fought and took risks to bring our own Lady Denman back home to Jervis Bay.  A group of  volunteers on the north coast at South West Rocks were rescuing a beautiful part of their own maritime history.


The Pilot boat M.V. Macleay is located at the South West Rocks Maritime Museum.
In June 1935 she arrived at South West Rocks and went into service.  31 feet overall, 28ft on the waterline and a 9 foot beam fitted with a 20hp diesel engine. She was self righting and as near as possible “ unsinkable”.

She operated into the late 1960’s before being de-commissioned and leaving the area.

In later years she was discovered at Dora Creek,  Lake Macquarie,  and after negotiations was bought back to South West Rocks.

Restoration by volunteers began in the early 2000’s and can be seen today at the rear of the South West Rocks Maritime Museum.


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