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16 June 2015

Bullock Bells


Another story about straying stock roaming the streets of Huskisson upsetting local residents.

The Shoalhaven Telegraph Wednesday 13 February 1939.

Once again another complaint from Huskisson about straying stock.
           At Clyde Shire Council meeting on Friday a communication was received from F.W O'Brian,  proprietor of the Hotel,  stating that his guests were unable to sleep at night because of the row of bullock bells,  and cut their stay short because of the nuisance.  He asked protection.
          Councillors again discussed the question at length,  pending reply from the Department of Police re certain ground at the hamlet of Huskisson,  under a consideration for a pound-yard.
          The Clerk said the difficulty was to successfully prosecute those in charge of the roaming bullocks,  as he was aware of "bullockies" working oxen which did not belong to them and denied ownership if taxed about them when they were straying the street.
           The Engineer thought it would be good to put the onus of proof on some of the complainants;  it would be a simple matter for them to detain straying stoke in their own yards,  by way of proving ownership,  and the Council's officers could easily do the rest.  He had seen one owner - the principal offender  - who promised to remove the bells from his bullocks;  the bells caused the most nuisance the residence complained about.
           Cr. Watt opined that proof of ownership would be an easy matter;  he mentioned the names of Ernie Pepper and Prossy Coulon as owners and moved that they be informed that they would be prosecuted if their bullocks were again found on the though fares of Huskisson.  Seconded by Cr.  Harding,  who endorsed the previous speakers remarks,  and the motion was carried.


No bullocks here,  just a fabulous picture of the main street of Huskisson in the  60’s.

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