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6 February 2014

War Lord Launch

1434 Warlord launch

Another Amazing Image.
This picture captures the occasion of the launch of the “War Lord”.
You can see the bottle being held and just about to be smashed against the hull to christen her.
It must have been a grand occasion in Huskisson, going by the elegant dresses the ladies are wearing.
I just love the old pram in the foreground, they just don’t make them this elaborate any more…

Details supplied by the Lady Denman Maritime Museum Curator, Graham Hinton.
This schooner was built at Repton and launched into the Bellinger River (1916) before being towed to Sydney to be fitted with three masts, sails etc. It was built by Joseph Dent but I’m not sure whether he had moved on from Husky by that time or perhaps he went north to assist his sons, Sid and George. Shipwrights were quite mobile in those days and it wasn’t unusual for them to move to another location to assist another builder or maybe (and I’m only guessing) because the person who commissioned the project wanted to keep a closer watch on progress. War Lord was comssioned by Mr Lance Hunter, described in one newspaper report as a shopkeeper of Repton. In 1920 he sold the ship in New Zealand.

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