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17 February 2014

Then and Now


Huskisson has undergone many changes over the years but some things have remained in place and stayed essentially the same, A lot of cosmetic changes but the essence of the place is still there as you can see from these two pictures, one taken in 1957 the other in late 2013.
Of course I had to take the second image very early in the morning to avoid the scene being full of cars, as opposed to the first image which appears to be in the middle of the day and the place looks nice and quiet.

The older image was taken by John Edwards in 1957, when I first moved to Huskisson from Callala 36 years ago, John was the local signwriter, I approached him for a job but he said just start up yourself, and do your best…great fellow and a very talented artist.

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  1. NIce contrast! Thats not a Federal truck in the 1959 photo is it!?

  2. I'm not sure, I will try and get it identified...thanks for asking.