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1 February 2014

Hobie World Championships Feb 1st 2014

Hobie-world-champs-sa-feb-1--2014The Championships kicked off with a huge fireworks display at Huskisson on Friday night and that primed everyone for a good day of sailing for Saturday.
Competitors and observers gathered early to watch the little boats get rigged up.
It looked great with all the coloured sails flailing in the wind.
Well!…. it would have, if there was any wind, It was a case of you should have been here yesterday, because today, in the morning at least it was blowing about 3 knots, so the race was postponed.
But as the day warmed up the NE kicked in and the racing commenced.
Here are a few shots from today.
The wind forecast for tomorrow is around 20 knots from the NE, so it will be on for young and old.


 hobie-champs-2014-(1-of-1) hobie-champs-2014--1-(1-of-1) hobie-champs-2014--2-(1-of-1)

Meanwhile back at the Museum.
Geoff Cater from Surf Research was conducting his lecture on Hobie Alter and his influence on water sports and surfing.
He had a nice collection of surf boards and water craft on display.
hobie-champs-2014--3-(1-of-1) hobie-champs-2014--4-(1-of-1) hobie-champs-2014---5-(1-of-1) hobie-champs-2014---6-(1-of-1)

old-boards old-boards-2


  1. Great to see the boards..that rocket handplane /paipo is awesome
    that water looks so inviting beautiful place

  2. Thanks you.
    The collection was impressive, with some real classic surf equipment on show.