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28 October 2017

Ships in the bay -- MATV Sycamore

Last night I took some photographs of what for me at the time was an unknown ship anchored just off the beach near Moona Moona Creek. I have seen many ships in the bay but this one was the most illuminated,  looking fantastic against the black of the bay.  A light fog across the bay enhanced the glow around the ship.

I went back early this morning hoping she was still there and captured some images of what turned out to be Australia’s new multirole aviation training vessel MATV Sycamore.  Designed to support Defence helicopter training, having been launched in Vietnam in August 2016, built by Skelder and overseen by Serco Defence, the 94-metre ship is a flight deck equipped sea-going training vessel for the crews of most types of helicopters used by the Australian Defence Force.

John Gallimore,  lives opposite the beach sent me this image from yesterday afternoon.
Thanks John greatly appreciated.


MV Sycamore.


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