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15 October 2017

Royal visit to Jervis Bay


June 15 1920.
The gloomy weather of the previous days cleared as the Royal Highness the Prince of Wales entered the heads of Jervis Bay aboard the H.M.S Renown at 1.pm and anchored off the college jetty at 1.30pm.   The Prince's first sight of the College was the clock tower standing above the trees flanked by groups of white buildings with red tiled roofs and green fields surrounded by forest.

imageLanding at Jervis Bay.


The Prince inspecting the compass of the German Raider Emden which was sunk November 1914 by the Australian Cruiser Sydney.

H.M.S Renown.

As the Renown passed the Brisbane her guns boomed out the Royal salute of 21 guns, and the men on deck cheered the Renown in a way that only sailors can. The H.M.A.S Brisbane had arived at 8 a.m the same day flying the new Australian Naval Board flag, the Franklin was there as well.   Other small coastal vessels  bought a full passenger list of people from Wollongong and Kiama and three motor launches were filled with people from the college.

Franklyn0002H.M.A.S Brisbane (top) and the Franklin.

Motor vehicles and horse-drawn vehicles streamed into the college from the neighbouring districts.  The waiting crowds moved towards the jetty where the landing was to take place.

Cars assembled at the College for the Prince's visit.

Coming ashore the Prince was greeted by a band playing the Royal Salute in synchrony with the presenting arms of a guard of honour from the Brisbane.

He received another welcome from the fringe of spectators who thronged the foreshores and hillsides.


The quarterdeck was festooned with colourful bunting flying on the fresh breezy sunlit afternoon. The Prince conducted an inspection of the college frequently expressing his appreciation of the admirable site selected for the college and the general layout of the buildings. He ended the formal programme watching a rugby football match between the officers of the Renown and the cadets.


The Price inspecting the cadets.

The Prince closed the official proceedings by inspecting the cadets before returning to the Renown.
The following day the Prince traveled to Tomerong, and there mounted horses, which they rode for a couple of hours.
At 3a.m the next day the Renown left Jervis Bay, and five hours later entered Sydney Harbour.



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