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8 June 2017

Ships in the bay.

Today the early risers were treated to a fantastic show.  As the grey overcast conditions started to break up letting the sunshine through, two war ships which were at anchored in the bay overnight came into view.  The Australian ship HMAS Toowoomba 2 started to move from in front of HMAS Creswell towards the Spanish War Ship Cristobal Colon still anchored near Bowen Island. As they came closer together they made a spectacular sight.  Taking on passengers HMAS Towoomba made her way across towards Honeymoon Bay.  Point Perpendicular shrouded in mist and rain,  faded from view as Toowoomba sailed by.


Spanish War Ship Cristobal Colon in the early morning light.


HMAS Toowoomba 2


Toowoomba about to take on passengers.


Early risers enjoying the spectacle.


Toowoomba passing inside Point Perpendicular.


Beautiful conditions across the bay.


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