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5 June 2017

Jervis Bay Snippets

Nowra Leader 1932.

     Several local residents journeyed to Huskisson last Sunday to spend the day's outing.
One had a rather exciting time, Roy Georghegan and his family set off in the old  Flivver"
and all went O.K. until passing Dent's boarding house.  Here the bck wheel of his car decided
it had gone far enough and started for home leaving Roy and the "flivver" to carry on. When
all had finished, Roy found himself down over a 6ft bank and the wheel several yards behind.
The rear axel had snapped.  The occupant's travelled home per motor lorry.

      Several motorists to Huskisson on Sunday last saw their petrol tanks full when they
left home but before they got to miles on the homeward journey. ;phut" went their engines
No benzine!. They claim that some of the locals must be jolly good milkers and ought to
try the farmers for a job.

Meaning -  "flivver" a cheap car or aircraft, especially one in bad condition.


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