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2 May 2017

Time Comparisons – Huskisson.

It's interesting to see how much a place has changed.  Life at Huskisson in the eighteen hundreds would have been a lot quieter and moved at a lot slower pace.

Sawn timber harvested from the surrounding forests was drawn by bullock team to the wharf at huskisson to be loaded onto waiting steamers and taken to Sydney and beyond.  It was also used in the thriving ship building industry located along Currambene Creek.

1950 - 1951
With motorised transport the bay became more accessible to people from afar.   Huskisson was no longer a timber or shipbuilding community,  but was already relying  on tourism for it's economic stability.

Today Huskisson is a busy bussling sometimes crowded place,  tourism has been a huge part of the changes.
The steamers which use to call at Huskisson to load timber to be taken to Sydney have been replaced with Dolphin and whale watching  charter boats.
The shipbuilding has been replaced with coffee shops and restaurants.





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