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26 May 2017

HMAS Creswell

26th May 2017
I recently found an old photograph of the base from around 1915 the curator of the Navy Museum had not seen before. I was asked if I would like to come to the base and take a comparison photograph from the same position today as was taken in 1915.



As you can clearly see there has been a lot of changes. The original dark building in the original picture has been demolished, a park now occupies that space. In the recent photograph, you can clearly see the multi-story blonde brick slabs built in the 1970's, a far cry from the beautiful old original timber buildings.
In the original photograph on the top left and the top right, you can make out the back of the original Geelong House which towers over the large grass parade ground called the "Quarterdeck" you can still see this in the recent image.


This image shows the back of the two buildings that make up Cerebus House.  They were at one-time separate buildings but during later renovations were joined together. The distinctively roofed squarish building in the foreground can be seen in the original photograph.


The view from the front balcony of Geelong House overlooking the Quarterdeck. 846-QuarterdeckHere you can see the original layout.  The grassed area is known as the Quarterdeck because of the shape.   The quarterdeck is a raised deck behind the main mast of a sailing ship. Traditionally it was where the captain commanded his vessel and where the ship's colours were kept. The road running around the perimiter recreated that shape.

In the background You can clearly see Geelong House on the left with Cerebus House on the right with the two story Stewarts Quarters behind. During the period of 1930-58 the Stewarts Quarters was used as holiday accommodation and known as the "Anchorage".  The building was demolished in 1980.

The clock tower in the foreground has it's own amazing history and more of that including rare images from inside the tower can be seen here.


The bell which is rung every day.  The date signifies the date the Navy regained possession of the facility after it had been closed as a navy base in the 1930's and turned into a holiday resort.CaptureREF:http://news.navy.gov.au/en/Jan2015/Fleet/1744/100-years-at-Jervis-Bay---College-seeking-descendants.htm#.WSifQOvfqHt

Throughout the fascility there are reminders of the rich history of the "Royal Australian Naval College" HMAS Creswell. running down the inside of one of the corridors of Cerebus House are photographs of the first cadets with each young mans history.  Considering the boys average age was only 13 years old when they entered the service.  Thrust into the first world war shortly after graduation, they went on great adventures, some lived long rewarding lives, while others were lost at sea during their service to the nation. Their individual stories could fill an historical publication by themeselves.



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