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31 March 2017

Young Endeavour seeks shelter in Jervis Bay

imageThese images certainly take you back to a time before steam and diesel engines changed sea travel forever.

Abreviated – Captain's Log.
After Morning Brief and Happy Hour Navigator Adam gave the Youthies the Navigation brief.  At 0930 we weighed anchor and sailed a race track inside the bay conducting navigation practical training and continuing with sail setting and furling.  We experienced 25 - 30 Kn of wind and only used the Fore and Main Staysails to allow more time on each lap of the bay.
On completion we anchored off Bristol Pt on the southern shore of the bay in order to achieve maximum shelter from the high winds forecast for tonight.

My intention is to remain in our anchorage overnight sheltering from the forecast 30 Kn winds and 4 m swells and sail at midday tomorrow to recommence our passage north when the conditions are expected to be moderate.
Until tomorrow.
Yours Aye, Captain Mike

Full report here - https://www.youngendeavour.gov.au/captains-log/jervis-bay-10

Thursday - The Young Endeavour weighted anchor before almost disappearing into the mist on the North side of the bay.

Friday Morning -  Before dawn I found her sheltered near Scottish Rocks.


The sun finally eased through the grey sky and she started to sparkle.


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