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28 March 2017

A correspondents words. 1904

These final words from a newspaper correspondent are taken from an article he wrote  about spending a  few days at the bay.  They evoke a feeling of joy to anyone who has been lucky enough to experience being on the pristene waters of Jervis Bay.

george-dent---a“The recollection of the gallant little steam launch "Bunnaby," with the veteran George Dent at the helm, speeding across the sunlit waters and past the sparkling shell-strewn sands and wave-washed beaches, out towards  the grim sentinels, Point Perpendicular and Governor's Head, which, together with Bowen Island,  guard the port entrance, makes up a never-to-be-forgotten picture, and with many grateful remembrances of pleasant experiences, interesting and instructive outings,  the best of attention from the hands of Mr. and Mrs.  Fred Dent, we say good-bye to Jervis Bay”.

George Dent.

1Just like 133 years ago a fisherman today glides across the sparkling waters of Jervis Bay heading towards Point Perpendicular.

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