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6 January 2017

Karaga Bell

This wonderful bell is from the Ferry Karaga it forms part of the Jervis Bay Maritime Museum collection.
The Karaga started out as the Waringa before a complete rebuild  in 1913, the alterations being significant enough that she was basically a new ship.

Karaga ran the last Lavender Bay to Circular Quay service for Sydney Ferries in October 1932. The route was soon taken over by Hegarty's Ferries who defended their new territory when SFL realised the mistake they'd made.

Along with the Wallaroo, she was requisitioned and sold to the Royal Australian Navy in 1943. There are no records of her disposal (like the Wallaroo).

ref http://www.ferriesofsydney.com/waringa.html

waringa rebuilt and relaunched in 1913 as the KaragaSeen here as the Waringa before she was rebuilt and relaunched as the Karaga.
1894 – 1913 - By Kerry & Co. Contributed by Powerhouse Museum [85/1284-304 (Tyrrell 1/220 548)] (Tyrrell Photographic Collection)


Type : Wooden steam ship
Launched  : 1894
Builder : Dunn Brothers
Berry's Bay, NSW
Gross weight : 125 tons
Dimensions : 105.70 x 21.90 x 7.90 (feet)
Passenger capacity : 588


Operating on the busy Sydney Harbour presents challenges for any vessel, in September 1924 she was involved in a serious collision with the ferry Kosciusko off the Neutral Bay Wharf in front of a large crowd of waiting passengers.

  Eyewitness report.
”All of a sudden ther was some tooting of the whistles, one steamer blew three short blasts and the next thing we heard was a crash and the sound of smashing timber.  The vessels had met right in front of us  - it could not have been better,  so far as the view was concerned.”

The Karaga sustained the greater damage,  her front Bulwarks were smashed and one side of the boat badly splintered.  Fortunately there were not many people on board at the time and no one was injured.


1926  -  Doing her usual 8.30 run from Neutral Bay she ran into difficulties after leaving Kurraba wharf. Her engines stopped and she drifted across the bay towards the large overseas liner Hurunui at anchor in the bay,  Fortunately the ferry Kanimbla was near by at the time,  the master of the Kanimbla hastened to render assistance putting his vessel between the Karaga and the liner before  securing the Karaga and moving her to safety.


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