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14 January 2017

East Coast Low hits Jervis Bay

Callala Beach 1974.
My cousin Wayne Hadfied  just sent me this image of Callala Beach showing the damage to the beach after the massive swell that was generated by an east coast low in 1974 slammed into Jervis Bay.
Some of the houses along the water front at Callala were very lucky not to be washed into the sea, I spoke to John Hatton recently about the swell and he was at Callala with local residents and people of the bay and surrounds filling sand bags trying to form a barrier to hold back the swell and stop further damage.

The once grass and scrub sand hill I use to play on when we were children was now gone,  replaced by a 5 meter straight drop to the beach…
Continue reading about this and other east coast lows that have caused massive damage and loss of life in our area.



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