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24 June 2016

S.S. Koonya - seeking shelter in Jervis Bay.

The Koonya was a wood carvel screw steamer built in 1887 at Hobart.
The vessel Koonya was placed into weekly trips between Sydney and Moruya. The vessel had a relatively uneventful life till her shaft broke off near Jervis Bay on the 10 June 1897. She was towed into the bay by the steamer Murray during the night. It took approximately a fortnight till the vessel returned to her regular journeys.

Public Domain Image.


Eventually her luck ran out.

The Koonya was wrecked on January 25th when it struck  Doboy reef off Cronulla Beach,  Port Hacking whilst carrying passengers & cargo between Moruya and Sydney.

Officially the wreck has never been found,  but divers have recovered many small artifacts from the wreck strewen amongst the rocks.

Public Domain image.


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