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6 June 2016

East Coast Low -


If you thought the last event was dangerous for shipping, then the current East Coast Low (ECL) battering the coast today is quite remarkable.  The intense low that formed off the east coast  on Saturday caused the seas to rise very quickly, recorded by off shore swell bouys reaching 11 meters near Sydney and up to 8 to 9  meters off the south coast.  This ECL event was different to the last event as the swell direction was from the north not the south east,  so most of the swell swept past the bay. This was probably a fortunate thing because a similar storm in 1974 nearly washed away houses at Callala Beach and caused a lot of damage along the beach fronting Elizabeth Drive.

HMAS Creswell and the southern beaches of Hymas and Greenpatch bore the brunt of the swell.  Large waves breached the wall at Creswell washing away floating concrete pontoons with a couple of yachts attached,  one was re- secured the other proceeded to float outside the wall, and despite brave efforts has ended up on Seamans beach.

The large work boat Seahorse Horizon broke a  75mm tiger rope at the main wharf.
Watch the video here.

stones from the front of the wall
hmas creswell wall paul newman - 2Stones tossed by the sea from in front of the wall and deposited on the inside of the wall – Pic Paul Newman.
hmas creswell wall paul newmanLarge backwash off the wall – Pic Paul Newman.
swell in front of the wallLarge swell lines running down the breakwall.
Paul described the area as looking like  awar zone.

Cape St George.
I headed out to Cape St George Lighthouse,  the headland the old ruins sit on was being battered by the large swells.
I managed to take a few photo’s trying to dodge large plumes of spray coming over the land covering me and the camera.

The swell and conditions should start to ease tomorrow. The low is slowly drifting south towards Victoria.


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