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22 April 2016

Nerriga’s slab house.


After a bit of research I have more information about the old slab dwelling on the eastern side of the road coming into Nerriga.
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Built around 1860-1870, In two sections,  the kitchen/dining area is separated from the living/ lounge area.
The chimneys are built from timber lined with scraps of flattened tin and corrugated iron,
the ceilings were ply wood and others hung with hessian.
The bread oven is the only one still standing in Nerriga today,  and was possibly built around 100 years ago,  it stands by itself behind the building and is covered with corrugated iron to protect the bricks and mortar.
There was also another large slab shed that stood nearby and was used as a blacksmiths shop by the Donnelly family who lived in the cottage in 1950.
They also made coffins.

Unfortunately the inside is a mess,  ceilings are coming down and some have been removed…the walls are covered in rotting paper and remnants of plaster, old furniture is strewn all over the place.
Such a shame,  hopefully someone with courage and determination will one day soon,  save the old building from rotting away.


Ref: Nerriga on the Wool Road.  A fantastic little book that covers the history of this small historic town and community.  All proceeds from the sale of the book go to the Nerriga Historical Museum.

Previous Post and pictures.

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