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6 April 2016

Dust Storm 2009 – do you remember?

September 23rd 2009 The Shoalhaven awoke to a new day, but what a strange day it was.

Gripped in drought the land west of the ranges was dry and venerable, on the 22nd the red soil and dust was picked up by 100klm westerly winds and sent towards the coast.

On the 23rd, Huskisson residents awoke to a dull dark red/orange sky laden with fine dust particles,  with a coresponding drop in temperature.

It became known as the East Australian Dust Storm,  it effected north as far as Cape York and as far south as Melbourne and was broadcast via the news world wide.

It was estimated that 75,000 tonnes of dust per hour was blown off the NSW coast north of Sydney.

The dust storm was described by the Bureau of Meteorology as a "pretty incredible event" that was the worst in the state of New South Wales in nearly 70 years.

I took these few of images of the event,  before heading back home and in doors until it cleared later in the day.




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